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UPP-110HG B/W Printer Paper

UPP-110HG B/W Printer Paper, 10 Pack

It would be a logical assumption that Sony's UPP prefix in their ultrasound paper division stands for Ultrasound Printer Paper and the HG of this particular type of media stands for the fact that it is High Gloss ultrasound paper – hence the description, "UPP-110HG High-Glossy Black & White Media".

UPP110HG Use

Sony UPP110HG B/W Print Media is to be used in black and white Sony printers UP-895MD, UP-895MDSYN, and UPD-895, but is not backward compatible with Sony UP-890MD or UP-D890 printers.

UPP110HG, a high density glossy Sony thermal sensitive black & white printer paper, is used in ultrasound diagnostic, dental, and microscopy applications.

The UPP110HG is High density glossy thermal black and white printing paper for the 895MD/D895/897MD/D897 printers.

Sony's web page erroneously lists compatibility with 890MD prin ters and then later stipulates that it is NOT backwards compatible with the UP890MD or UPD890 printers.

upp 110hg Tech Specs

  • Prints are about 25% glossier than the UPP-110HD media
  • Size A6 width
  • 110mm wide x 18m long
  • Produces approximately 240 prints per roll
  • Packaged 10 rolls per case
  • Black and white
  • Transfer type: Thermal paper


Sony upp110hg print media is black and white type V, high density, glossy, thermal image paper. Sony Print Media UPP 110 provides exceptional image detail and superb resolution, making it ideal for ultrasound. It is packaged 10 rolls to a box and prints approximately 240 pictures per roll.

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